Art Career

Butterflyheart Collection

Butterflies are associated with spirituality in many cultures. Often they symbolize transformation and migration since these beautiful creatures cross both liminal and literal boundaries. The fluttering of wings are also a metaphor for the internal feeling of love.

Long-distance and love were catalysts for the San Francisco native Anne Cooper to create the unique yet stunning Butterflyheart Collection jewelry series. Her husband was in the military and received orders to go overseas. In love letters they drew butterflies and hearts on the paper, which were the initial designs used in the jewelry pendants; there are 5 different designs. Each pendant is made from sterling silver. The material’s weight and texture from the designs were an intentional combination to act similarly to a worry stone. Whenever you’re nervous or anxious, rubbing the pendant produces a calming effect.

It is a unique jewelry idea with military wives in mind. When our loved ones are sent overseas, it is difficult to sort out the truth on the news and in papers. It is difficult to keep our minds off the war and the potential dangers our troops face while deployed each day. Military wives worry and rightfully so. The distance is difficult, but the Butterflyheart Collection is a positive product that developed from these moments of worry.

Here is a link to the website: Click Here

One can also purchase these necklaces in the Tucson Museum of Art Store.




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