Let Me Introduce Myself

Never did I expect to marry military.

In 2014, I graduated from Valparaiso University with a B.A. in Creative Writing and Art History with Museum Studies with in minors in French and Studio Art. I was accepted into graduate school and moved to Tucson, AZ to attend the University of Arizona. In 2016, I earned my M.A. in Art History with a specialization in 19th Century French Art with an emphasis on Gender/Women’s Studies and the female form in created spaces. I interned at five different museums in six years, taught undergraduate students for two years, and worked at summer art camps with aspirations and intentions of being an art curator at a museum. I was driven, ambitious, highly educated, but one thing I did not expect was to fall in love.

I met the man who is now my fiancĂ© just three months after moving across the country to Tucson. Not only did I fall in love, but my free-spirit-flower-child self who passionately loved art, travel, and control fell in love with a military cop in the United States Air Force. My life completely changed on July 4th, 2016 when he proposed on Mt. Lemmon at sunset and I said, “yes.”

Soon I began struggling with the balance of finding work in an art field in a city where he was stationed. We could not afford two apartments in two different cities, but I did not want to stop fighting for my own career and life aspirations. I was disparately looking for guidance on how to balance both an art career and a military career.

I quickly realized that I was in the minority for military wives. Most felt discouraged to attend college or try to establish a career due to the looming threat of PCSing. Their identity became camouflaged with their husband’s career. I could not find the guidance that I needed. So, I decided that I wanted to provide hope and empower military wives to be independent-dependents and fight to pursue their dreams in the battle of careers.

I want to:

–create a space to share my passion of art and art history

— begin a dialogue on educational opportunities for dependents

–share my personal struggles with balancing graduate school with his military career

–share my research on opportunities to pursue an art museum career with the looming possibility of PCSing

–share my appreciate for all the airmen who serve in our United States Air Force and other armed services members.